What is the extra $10 used for?

November 28, 2017 11:20 am

Sponsorship plus Urgent Needs provides funds for additional benefits for sponsored children, their families and communities that cannot be provided by child sponsorship funds alone. While sponsorship funds provide activities which directly benefit your sponsored child, the extra $10 from Sponsorship plus Urgent needs is used to fund initiatives and programs which sow further into the lives of Compassion assisted children, their families and communities.

As Compassion raises more funds for these activities, we will be able to assist more sponsored children with these additional benefits.

Some of these include:

Emergency medical care

HIV and AIDS Initiative – includes education on prevention as well as care

Education and training programs for parents of sponsored children

Partner church development – including church partner staff training.


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In addition to your monthly sponsorship donation and encouraging letters, you may wish to send gifts to your sponsored child. We are delighted when sponsors decide to provide additional support. We do not mail parcels because delivery in developing countries is unreliable and expensive, but you are able to send paper items like stickers, posters and colouring pages.

We also provide an opportunity to send a monetary gift. The options are: Birthday Gift, General Gift, Family Gift or Child Development Centre Gift. Compassion Canada forwards 100 per cent of the money to purchase a gift in the child’s community. Child Development Centre staff assist children and their families to ensure funds are used appropriately and to discuss how to best use the gift to benefit the child and family. If you have a specific gift in mind, we will forward your suggestion, but ultimately the child or their family will make the final decision.

Send your child a gift online.

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Absolutely not! Each Compassion assisted child receives the same benefits from the Compassion program. Because Compassion does not use sponsorship money to fund further development initiatives for the families and communities of sponsored children, Sponsorship Plus funds are pooled and used towards funding some of these types of initiatives and activities.

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Although Compassion cannot guarantee that funds from Sponsorship Plus will directly benefit the child you sponsor, there are increasing development activities and initiatives funded by Compassion throughout all the countries where we work. As more funds are received for Sponsorship Plus, Compassion Canada will be able to commit to funding even more development activities in the future.

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