Child sponsorship: Get the facts

Introducing a go-to guide to find the answers to all your sponsorship-related questions
  • By: Laura Phillips

At Compassion, we value you, our partners in mission, deeply. Our hope is to be transparent with the ins and outs of our ministry. One of the ways we do that is by addressing your questions—big or small! 

We’ve worked hard to address the questions we often hear through various blogs over the years. To make your life a little easier, we made a ‘cheat sheet’ to find the answers to your burning questions all in one place.

So, go ahead—ask away!


Questions about Money, Authenticity & Ethics

  1. How much money goes to my sponsored child?
  2. Can I send my sponsored child’s family money?
  3. I want to send more than $47 a month. Can I?
  4. Can I really trust Compassion with my money?
  5. Can I give money so my child can pursue further education?
  6. Is Compassion a scam?
  7. Is child sponsorship ethical?
  8. How is Compassion different from other sponsorship organizations?
  9. Why doesn’t Compassion give more away?
  10. How did Compassion respond to COVID-19, and how did it affect sponsorship?



Questions about Letters

  1. Why doesn’t my sponsored child answer my questions?
  2. How do my letters actually get to my sponsored child?
  3. Why do the letters I receive sound the same?
  4. Letter writing is passé. Why does Compassion still do it?
  5. What does the child I sponsor want me to say in my letters?
  6. Is there a template with ideas I can follow?
  7. Do you have questions I can ask in my letters?
  8. Does my sponsor child keep my letters?
  9. Why haven’t I received a letter in a long time?
  10. What is the fastest way to get my letter to my sponsor child?


Questions about Education & Career

  1. Does Compassion help kids receive an education?
  2. Why is education so important for children living in poverty?
  3. How does Compassion financially support a child’s education?
  4. How do kids get to school?
  5. Do Compassion kids have after-school hobbies?
  6. What does a Compassion child’s classroom look like?
  7. When do Compassion kids graduate?
  8. Does sponsorship help kids get jobs?


Questions about Faith, Philosophy & Sponsorship

  1. Do kids need to be Christian to participate in Compassion’s programs?
  2. What are my spiritual gifts, and how can I use them to help kids in poverty?
  3. What does Compassion mean when they say, “In Jesus’ Name”?
  4. Why should I help people in other countries when there is poverty where I live?
  5. Does Compassion help children’s spiritual lives?
  6. What does my Christian faith have to do with poverty?
  7. I want to do more to address justice issues globally and in my backyard. How do I use my talents and abilities to do more?
  8. It’s 2023. Is child sponsorship still relevant?


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*Updated January 16, 2023