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The Bible tells us that God hears those who cry out to him, and "the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective" (James 5:16).  Prayer is one of the most important things Compassion sponsors can do. Your prayers can help to end the cycle of poverty, abuse and exploitation, as our struggle isn't against flesh and blood, but against the powers of this dark world (Ephesians 6:12).

Please partner with us in prayer by receiving prayer updates. This resource lets you stay informed of the pressing needs of children and Compassion centres around the world. Join us in lifting up God's precious children as a prayer partner in Compassion's Volunteer Network.

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Recent Prayers


Brazil is a country that has been under the spotlight in the global scene for the past few years. Hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics and the 2014 soccer World Cup, the world has been able to get an inside look at the vibrant, colourful culture of Brazil. These events gave us a glimpse into the beauty of this country, the diversity of it’s people and the excitement of it’s celebrations. We all got to see Brazil’s shining moment.


However, these events came with the price of increased exploitation of Brazil’s vulnerable children. Many children in Brazil live in dangerous slums (called favelas) and experience hopelessness. Poverty exposes children to many difficult situations such as abuse and even risk of abduction. This fear squelches dreams. In the midst of this bright and lively nation, poverty casts a shadow on the future of many of Brazil’s children.


Pray that every Brazilian child will find the holistic care that nutures vibrant, colourful dreams. This beautiful, diverse country has a future to be excited about when it’s children are protected, valued and loved. Pray that the light of Christ will bring hope into the lives of the Brazilian children facing the dangers of poverty so that they can live out their fullest potential!


Prayer Points

1. Pray that vulnerable children in Brazil will be nurtured by meaningful, life-giving relationships.
2. Pray that the local church in Brazil will fight for the rights of children in their areas and help protect them.
3. Pray that Brazilian children will recognize their value and come to see the gifts and abilities God gave them to make a difference in the world.


Lord, we pray for the children of Brazil. Thank you for the wonderful culture and rich diversity that these children belong to. Help them to know how precious they are and how bright their future is when they put their hope in you. Protect them from the dangers of poverty and bring them into the care of loving, nuturing relationships that will help them to dream in ways that honour You and contribute to their communities. Amen.


The start of a school year looks different for many countries around the world but going back to school in September has Canadians thinking about education. Regardless of when a school calendar begins and ends, we can all agree that education is very important for children all over the globe. Education deeply affects a child’s whole life. It gives them opportunities, skills and develops their reasoning and critical thinking. It prepares them for the future. We often think of these particular benefits when we think of education.


But, there is a significant side of education that we often overlook, especially regarding those in poverty. This is the fact that education is also preventative. It can prevent dangerous situations such as child trafficking, child marriage, child labour and even deaths during childbirth. Education plays a vital role. It protects and provides a future for a child who is vulnerable to these evils.


This month, pray that the tool of education will open opportunities for children in poverty and do its part in protecting them. Many children have a deep desire to learn. Let’s pray that they are able to attend school and achieve the purposes and plans that God has for their lives.


Prayer Points

1. Pray that more children will receive the opportunity to have an education.
2. Pray for educators and the valued role they play in the life and future of a child.
3. Pray that the darkness of poverty will be counteracted by education and that communities will be transformed by the opportunities that education provides.


Lord, we pray for this crucial, life-changing need of education and the deep impact it brings into the lives of children across the globe. Thank you for the protection that education brings to vulnerable children and for the future that it provides. Bring teachers to mind this month as they invest in children and communities and bring students to mind as they diligently set their minds on their studies. Amen.


Culture. A significant part of all of our stories. Culture is a deeply significant part of our world. It is the patchwork that humanity is made up of. Like in every corner of our globe, the country of Ecuador has its beautiful mosaic of culture and people groups and every part of the mosaic matters in the grand design. This month’s International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples is a wonderful occasion to pray for the nation of Ecuador, where many indigenous tribes reside. We recognize the rich and diverse cultures that are found within the country and pray that every ethnic group will be valued and experience the love of Jesus.

Ecuador was home to the Inca Empire before 1532 when Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarro invaded. The country then went through centuries of colonial rule until Ecuador became independent in 1830. There is rich history, many people groups and an assemblage of languages found with its borders. All of these factors are valuable and significant parts of every Ecuadorian child’s world.

We can pray that these significant components which shape Ecuadorian children’s lives are validated and honoured. We can invite Christ to work in every ethnic group within Ecuador so that children are released from poverty in Jesus’ name. We can grow closer in partnership and community in ways that are Christ-like and reflect His Kingdom!


Prayer Points

1. Pray for the development of resources in indigenous tribe’s native languages.
2. Pray for the local church as it works within its cultural settings to meet pressing needs and share the love of Christ with families living in poverty.
3. Pray for children to recognize the unique ways that they contribute to the Kingdom of God.


Lord, help us pray for the children of Ecuador in these next few weeks. Show us how to pray for children whose culture and context is different than our own. May they find hope, joy and purpose in the love of Christ, as we seek to overflow with Your love in our own lives more and more each day. Bring Ecuadorian children to mind everyday so we might deeply minister through prayer to their hearts this month. Amen.


Remember the feeling of anticipation you had as a child when you were waiting for good news? Perhaps this was waiting to find out if there would be a snow day, waiting for a parent to come home from a trip or waiting to find out if you got the birthday gift you were hoping for. Remembering that feeling of hope and anticipation in our own childhood can help our hearts deeply respond to children at Compassion centres around the world who are waiting for a sponsor. Sometimes we respond to this reality by sponsoring a child or sharing about Compassion with a friend or family member. This month, we are inviting you to respond in prayer.

For those children who are newly registered at a Compassion centre, we can thank God that they now have access to support through Compassion’s program while waiting for a sponsor. We can pray that they feel loved and supported by the Compassion staff and that they quickly make friends with the other children. We can pray that these children will soon be connected with a loving sponsor who will build relationship with and encourage them.

For those children whose sponsor had to make the difficult decision to stop sponsoring, we can thank God for the provision and love that sponsor was able to provide. We can pray that the child will feel safe to talk about how they feel with the Compassion staff, not being disheartened by their circumstances. We can pray that they will be connected with another sponsor who will continue encouraging and supporting them. And for those children who are close to graduating from the program, we can pray that they will have the determination to continue pursuing their dreams.

There is much we can pray for. We know that every prayer helps support and encourage the children who are waiting for the good news that they have been sponsored.


Prayer Points

1. Pray for children to be connected with loving sponsors.
2. Pray for good relationships to be built with Compassion staff and the other children at each centre.
3. Pray for deep encouragement in this season of waiting.


Lord, help us pray for unsponsored children in these next few weeks. Show us how to pray for those children who are waiting to be connected to a loving sponsor. May they find peace in the waiting and may their hopes be fulfilled. Bring unsponsored children to mind everyday so we might deeply minister through prayer to their hearts this month. Amen.


Have you ever felt insecure, misplaced or looked down upon? This is a reality for many Guatemalan children today. This month, we are taking time to pray that every Compassion child in Guatemala will find their identity in Christ as a child of God.

The country of Guatemala still feels the lingering aftermath from past seasons of injustice and discrimination. From the mid-19th century until the 1980’s, Guatemala has faced dictatorships, insurgencies, coups and stretches of military rule. As a country, they had very little in terms of representative government in their recent past. This turmoil has been detrimental, particularly towards girls, as this unsettled history has often perpetrated violence towards women. We pray that this generation of Guatemalans will stand secure in the love of Christ and find their place in the family of God.

With a new generation rising up, we recognize that our prayers will make a difference in their lives and the nation of Guatemala. Every child who grows up with a grounded sense of who they are in Christ and a deep connection to their local church has the potential to bring new life to this beautiful country full of rich tradition and culture. Every child has value, a voice and a place in God’s Kingdom. Let’s pray that they come to understand this truth.


Prayer Points

1. Restoration of identity in Christ for this new generation of Guatemalans.
2. Sense of belonging within the family of God and nourishing church communities.
3. Opportunities for Guatemalan girls to grow in skills and confidence.


Lord, help us pray for Guatemala in these next few weeks. Show us how to pray for our brothers and sisters who are a part of the family of God to which we all belong. May there be restoration of what was broken, lost and discouraged due to discrimination and injustice. Bring Guatemala to mind everyday so we might deeply minister through prayer to the hearts of Guatemalan children this month. Amen.