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December Newsletter

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
Can you hear the melody running through your mind as you read that line? Maybe it’s not your favourite Christmas tune but it is catchy!

November Newsletter

Meet Roy and Angela Butt and their four children. Five years ago this family decided to find a way to raise money to help others beyond their sponsorships through Compassion’s gift guide.

September Newsletter

September 2017 Kindle the flame… What do you love about volunteering with Compassion? How did you get started? How have you been sharing your sponsorship story? We know that when you share how your special Compassion child/ren joined your family, others have a natural curiosity and it opens the door for you to introduce a […]

Summer Newsletter

July / August 2017 Summer is finally here! Are you as happy as we are about the warmer weather and longer daylight? We hope you will get some time to relax, enjoy the outdoors and spend some extra time with family. We hope you will squeeze in a little time for some Volunteer Network inspiration too. […]

Summer Newsletter

Are you as happy as we are about the warmer weather and longer daylight? We hope you will get some time to relax, enjoy the outdoors and spend some extra time with family.

May Newsletter

One of my favourite places to sit at home is my three season sunroom, and especially this time of year when the spring blossoms are out, the grass is bright green, and the birds are nesting. Everything comes to life after sleeping through winter.

April Newsletter

Somewhere along the way a seed was planted in your heart. A seed of hope and understanding that “I CAN make a difference” and “I can be a part of God’s redeeming mission on earth.” Do you remember when?

March Newsletter

Earlier this year we were very excited to reveal the Volunteer Network’s one word for 2017: sharing. Sharing YOUR Compassion Story. We are thrilled to let you know that a special invitation is on its way to you as we write this email.

February Newsletter

How do you stay current with world news today? Is it through Twitter, the internet, TV, or an old-fashioned newspaper? As a volunteer, we know you care about the world around you.

January Newsletter

Happy New Year Volunteers! As the Volunteer Network looks back on 2016, we give thanks for the mercies, the blessings, and even the hardships we have experienced. It’s through these we have learned important life lessons that we can take with us into this next year.

December Newsletter

The Network started off this past January by sharing with you one word that we wanted to focus on throughout the coming year. That word was “community”.

A family who loves mercy

Cebu City, the oldest city in the Philippines, is dotted with both grand, old colonial buildings and modern skyscrapers. On the coast of the island of Cebu, it is fringed by turquoise beaches and palm trees. Aimee and Floyd Esparaz grew up here, enjoying all the beauty that an upper-middle class life can offer in […]

Join us for advocate training September 17th

We’re excited to have Pastor Al Huckabay join Deb McNabb for our upcoming training call. They’ll lead us in learning more about how God can use Compassion Sunday to dramatically change the story of a child. Al is the pastor of Living Faith Chapel in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, with a real heart for Compassion. He’s […]

How should I talk about holistic child development? (part four)

When it comes to releasing a child from poverty, one of the most important aspects is her spiritual life. As we shared recently, poverty is, at its root, a spiritual issue. How spiritual development happens When children learn about the love and forgiveness that Christ offers them, it changes everything. Children’s lives are transformed as […]

How should I talk about holistic child development? (part three)

When we talk about holistic child development, the socio-emotional aspect of a child’s life can seem a little fuzzy—what’s that have to do with poverty? How socio-emotional development happens Depending on where a child grows up, they might be exposed to many negative habits or patterns. For example, some children are raised in communities where […]

How should I talk about holistic child development? (part two)

Holistic child development is about more than just changing the physical aspects of a child’s life. To be released from poverty, a child also needs to be able to grow to their full potential, and that includes their mind. How cognitive development happens Through sponsorship, children receive formal primary school education through at least grade […]

How should I talk about holistic child development? (part one)

“Holistic child development” is kind of an uncomfortable phrase. It’s long. It uses big words. And it’s not immediately clear. So why do we keep talking about it? Because it’s key to how we work at Compassion. It means that our ministry is about more than just the tangible things kids get from us, like […]

How should I talk about poverty?

What is poverty? We all know it’s a big, ugly problem, but people define it many ways or point at different things as its cause or solution. Here are a few points to keep in mind about poverty as you share about Compassion. Poverty affects every aspect of a child’s life. The first thing we […]

How should I talk about Compassion’s ministry?

When you share with your friends, family or church about Compassion, a big question people often ask is, “Why Compassion?” There are so many child sponsorship organizations, it can be confusing to know which to choose. Compassion’s ministry is unique, and we find that once people understand how we work, they are convinced! Keep these […]

Conference call highlights: Barry Slauenwhite

On Wednesday, February 20th, many of us had a chance to hear from Compassion Canada’s President and CEO, Barry Slauenwhite. Barry has been with us for 30 years—so he has so much wisdom and knowledge to share. Here are a few highlights from his interview if you weren’t able to join us: How long you […]