Yes, it is possible for a group to sponsor one child. We have a few options to make donations simpler.

For a group of up to five people, we can set up separate accounts for each sponsor and connect them to the same child. Each person is responsible for their own donations and can choose the withdrawal option (credit card, bank withdrawal, check, online banking, etc.) that best suits them.

If the group consists of more than five people and individual tax receipts are required, please submit the names, contact information and donation amounts for each contributor to our office. We assign one person to be the main contact. That person is responsible for coordinating donations based on the group’s preference. Alternatively, anyone in the group is welcome to send donations using the group’s supporter number.

Follow the link to search for a child your group can sponsor.

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What happens if a sponsor misses a payment?

November 28, 2017 11:05 am

In the event a sponsor misses a monthly donation, Compassion has a fund that covers the sponsorship cost. We realize that credit card changes and other financial complications are an inconvenient reality for many of us. Our goal is to ensure children receive the same benefits and attend the program as usual while we try to contact the sponsor to resolve the missed donation. Please note, Compassion cannot cover a sponsorship indefinitely and if we were unable to contact the current sponsor, we would have to find a new sponsor for the child.

You can update your financial information through our secure website.

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Yes. Writing online means your letter bypasses our local postal service and will already be in digital format so we can forward it directly to the Country Office. From there, Compassion staff translate, print and deliver the letters (and photos, if included) to your child.

Write a letter today from your MyCompassion account or through the website.

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Where can I find my supporter number?

November 28, 2017 11:02 am

You can find your supporter number on most correspondence you receive from Compassion Canada, as well as your MyCompassion account. It starts with “8-”, and is followed by 8 digits.

You can also call the Contact Centre at 1-800-563-5437 and we would be happy to provide it over the phone.

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How do I set up a My Compassion account?

November 28, 2017 11:01 am
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To set up a MyCompassion account, you will need your supporter number, the one that starts with 8-.

  1. Click the green button that says “Sign Up.”
  2. Enter your supporter number and click “Validate.”
  3. Confirm if you want to use the email we have on file as your username; click “Yes” or “No.”
  4. Check your email (may be in junk mail) for a message from us.
  5. Click the link in the email to complete the activation process.
  6. Enter your supporter number and create a password (upper and lower case letters and number).
  7. Click “Set up account,” which will forward you to the login screen.
  8. Log in and enjoy the many features of a MyCompassion account.

Sign up for a MyCompassion account today.

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In addition to your monthly sponsorship donation and encouraging letters, you may wish to send gifts to your sponsored child. We are delighted when sponsors decide to provide additional support. We do not mail parcels because delivery in developing countries is unreliable and expensive, but you are able to send paper items like stickers, posters and colouring pages.

We also provide an opportunity to send a monetary gift. The options are: Birthday Gift, General Gift, Family Gift or Child Development Centre Gift. Compassion Canada forwards 100 per cent of the money to purchase a gift in the child’s community. Child Development Centre staff assist children and their families to ensure funds are used appropriately and to discuss how to best use the gift to benefit the child and family. If you have a specific gift in mind, we will forward your suggestion, but ultimately the child or their family will make the final decision.

Send your child a gift online.

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What is Sponsorship plus Urgent Needs?

November 28, 2017 10:54 am

Child sponsorship provides a holistic development program for children in Compassion’s ministry. But at times there are other factors that can have a significant impact on a child’s life. This additional $10 donation to the Urgent Needs Fund helps to address those unforeseen circumstances.

This donation does not go directly to your sponsored child, but is available to help all sponsored children and their families around the world as needed. This could include—but is not limited to—emergency medical care, disaster relief and reconstruction, income-generation training and other critical interventions. These initiatives combine with the benefits of child sponsorship to break the cycle of poverty.

You can set up a monthly donation to the Urgent Needs Fund online at any time.

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Funds raised from the Gifts of Compassion catalogue are used to support Compassion’s Response Programs. Should excess funds be raised in a particular area, we will meet other urgent needs as they arise.

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While gifts can be ordered year-round, if you require gift cards for Christmas, we recommend you make your order by December 10th. Electronic cards are available at any time for download through the website. Please allow at least 10 business days for your card to arrive.

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Can I put my sponsorship on hold?

October 9, 2015 3:58 pm

Compassion deeply appreciates the faithful emotional and financial support you give to your sponsored child. In today’s uncertain economic times your support and commitment become even more critical as our sponsored children and their families living in extreme poverty are hit even harder by the global recession and food crisis. Because we understand that sometimes personal or financial circumstances can make that monthly financial commitment very difficult for you, Compassion has various options available to assist you that can be customized according to your individual needs and financial circumstances. If you are experiencing difficulties and feel you might benefit from one of our options for sponsorship assistance or you would like to find out more, please contact our office..

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Can I add a photo to my letter?

April 28, 2014 4:08 pm

Absolutely! Just above and to the left of the box where you can type out your letter to your sponsored child there is an “Upload a Photo” button. Use it to select the photo to add to your letter. Once you are ready to send the letter with the photo off to your sponsored child, just click on the “Send Letter” button at the bottom right of the box.

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You are welcome to send a family gift of $40 to $1000 per year. The project staff will talk with the child and family to help them to spend your gift in the wisest way, with the best long-term improvement for the family. This will often be a business opportunity, such as a food stall or livestock. If you would rather specify that your sponsored child’s family use your gift for income-earning, you can simply ask us to attach a Gift Instruction to your gift. However, gifts are more effective when the child and family are free to use them for their greatest need.

To send a gift online click here or call our Contact Centre at 1-800-563-5437

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Children are required to write to their sponsors a minimum of two letters a year. If there is something wrong with your sponsored child, we will contact you. If it has been 6 months since you have received a letter, please contact our office. We may have an undeliverable address for you and have been unable to send your sponsored child’s letters through to you.

You can reach us by phone at 1-800-563-5437 or by email at

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Compassion aims to reach as many families as possible. Typically, only one child from a family will attend a project. The parents will choose which child is registered. However, if the family has great needs up to three children may be enrolled. The benefits of the program reach the whole family through interaction with staff, health screening, nutritional advice and supplies, parenting workshops and other church activities. Sponsored children often share what they learn at the Compassion project with siblings and many lead their entire families to Christ. As well as supporting your sponsored child and their family through prayer, as a sponsor you are able to send financial gifts to your sponsored child’s family.

Check out this story!


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You should receive a letter from your sponsored child acknowledging your gift and how the gift money was used. Please remember that each letter may take up to two months for translation and delivery. Please check the date of your child’s letter to work out whether he or she would have received your gift before they last wrote back to you. Many times, the children aren’t writing to you on the same day that they receive your gift. Instead, they reply on a scheduled day when all the children at the project write to their sponsors. They may be writing back some weeks or even a month after they receive your gift, so they may not remember whether to acknowledge what you have sent them. Compassion is working on a process to ensure that every child acknowledges every gift they receive from their sponsor.

If you are in doubt whether your sponsored child has received your gift, you are welcome to write and ask or contact our office so we can follow-up on this gift on your behalf. We can be reached at 1-800-563-5437 or through email at

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Due to the limitations of customs regulations, only paper items can be sent to sponsored children. Items made of paper up to 8.5″ by 11″ and up to .25″ thick can be sent on. Compassion cannot send on or return gifts that do not fall within these guidelines. If you would like to bless your child in other ways, please send a financial gift, which your child can use to purchase something they really need. Your money will go a lot further in the countries where we work and it will help stimulate the local economy.

Examples of what you can send in the mail include: photos, greeting cards, stickers, bookmarks, postcards, colouring pages, booklets, small calendars, scripture cards, decorative writing paper, paper dolls, and paper planes.

Items which we cannot send include: pencils, crayons, balloons, gum, jewelry, candy, magnets, clothes, toys, seeds, etc.

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